The MN Academy was created to discover and develop new young actors, and runs in partnership with MN Talent, providing a source of fresh young talent to the agency. While the focus of the agency is on launching and managing the careers of its clients, we always have a keen eye for who is waiting in the wings.

The more we were contacted by young actors seeking representation, the more we realised that many of these talented young people needed bit of extra training, guidance, and development to help them overcome barriers and approach the entertainment industry as successfully as possible. Hence the MN A Academy was formed.

By bringing together our industry contacts, the standard of training we are able to give our pupils is unparalleled. This can be seen from the quality of work achieved in our "Short Film Project". Our academy now collaborates with some of the biggest filmmakers in the UK, such as; the Moving Picture Company (MPC), film editors Final Cut and Bwark Productions (The Inbetweeners).

Our programmes are designed for new and more experienced actors alike. Our Acting for Film programme provides actors with modern on-camera acting techniques at affordable prices, plus a foundation of acting training rooted in time-honoured theatrical traditions.




How does MN Academy work?

Our agency works in partnership with the Academy. Agents and employees from MN Talent teach our classes, (as well as working directors, producers, professional actors, etc), and spend time getting to know the work of those taking part. We monitor pupils strengths, help develop their weaknesses and try to understand their casting. For some pupils it can be a great alternative to the usual agency route.


What does the academy teach?

We concentrate more on screen acting - The reason is simple! One, it's a skill unto itself that isn't often practised in the UK. Two, we shoot footage that can be used as showreel material for our students. Three, the majority of professional work for young actors is screen based so why wouldn't you want to learn its intricacies.


If I get into the academy does this mean I'II automatically gain representation?

Our agency works because the actors on our books are talented and work hard to be there. Our academy gives potentials the opportunity to learn and experience the industry through the eyes of a professional. Like all things worthwhile there is no quick fix or guarantees. We offer representation to the very best!


If I already have representation can I still attend classes?

Yes. A number of actors who already have representation with other agents attend our classes simply for training purposes and do not wish to be considered for representation.


Can’t I audition directly for the agency?

We are often approached by actors who have no professional experience, but want professional representation, however, we don't offer auditions directly for the agency. Aspiring actors with little or no recognisable professional experience should apply to the MN Acting Academy.


Since the academy's inception a number of students have been signed to our books and are enjoying successful careers. Click  here  for some recent examples.