The MN Academy was created to discover and develop new young actors, and runs in partnership with our agency Middleweek Newton Talent Management, providing a source of fresh, young talent. While the focus of the agency is on managing the careers of its clients, we always have a keen eye for who is waiting in the wings.

Our programmes are designed for new and more experienced actors alike. Our Acting for Film programme provides actors with modern on-camera acting techniques at affordable prices, plus a foundation of acting training rooted in time-honoured theatrical traditions.

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How does MN Actors Academy work?

Our agency works in partnership with the Academy. Teachers include Tom Newton and Eliot Hankins (of Middleweek Newton), as well as agents, directors, producers and professional actors. We get to know the work of those taking part, monitoring pupils strengths, help develop their weaknesses and casting type. For some pupils it can be a great alternative to the usual agency route, for others, it's just a great way to practise and sharpen new skills.


What does the academy teach?

We concentrate on-screen acting. Script analysis plays an important role, as well as time in front of camera, shooting and critiquing footage. Our methods are similar to the time-honoured traditions of theatre, while the course highlights the technical differences and looks to improve confidence and understanding.


If I get into the academy does this mean I'II automatically gain representation?

Unfortunately, we cannot promise representation if you are offered a place at our studios, though our agents do keep a close eye on all attending. We do guarantee a level of growth and understanding and for those who are interested in pursuing a professional career, we are always on hand to offer advice and guidance on how to move forward. 


If I already have representation can I still attend classes?

Yes. A number of actors already represented attend our classes simply for training purposes.


Can’t I audition directly for the agency?

We are often approached by actors who have no professional experience but want professional representation. Unfortunately, we do not offer auditions directly for the agency. Aspiring actors with little or no recognisable professional experience should apply to MN Actors Academy.

Middleweek Newton Talent Management is an acting agency for professional actors, Our clients work throughout film, television & theatre. We manage the exceptional.

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